Volopa Capital Limited (Volcap FX) was founded in 2008 with the mission to guide small and large clients to achieve their wealth management objectives through research, actionable data, strategy and risk management. In 2015 we relaunched a new website including a state of the art and secure platform for our clients.

In 2016 we have merged our international trading activities under a new holding structure.

This structure is specificallyy designed for greater financial security for our clients and our own business goals.

During the course of 2017 we will gradually change all our registered listings to our new holding name Volopa Capital Holding Ltd.

We will however always maintain our current trading name , Volopa Capital Limited (Volcap FX), towards our trusted clients and they will be able to reach us through our trusted website.

Every member of our team has a broad and deep experience of the financial market, trading and wealth management. We operate at a strategic level, quickly grasping the intricacies of complex markets and the particular issues our clients are facing. We also have a sound understanding of how forex markets can have a direct impact at a tactical level too. We won’t bombard you with “science”, but what we will do is give you robust strategies and help you to improve your capital.

We work closely with our clients across the world to understand their needs. Then we formulate creative strategic tools to work with. Finally we participate in the task of putting these strategic solutions into action. Our commitment is to providing pragmatic and enduring answers to enhance client effectiveness.

Above all , we make a difference in the market that leads to us having very high levels of repeat business with our existing clients.

We at Volopa Capital Limited (Volcap FX) find ourselves committed to our clients in such a direct way due to our earning scheme. For our customers it is a true relief that they have found a partner who will invest and act with one and  only one purpose that is making profit, this profit we make for our clients defines our own income.

If we don’t perform for you we  don’t perform for ourselves…

Compared to many other investment opportunities and commercial banks where costs are always charged whether they perform as forecasted or not we at Volopa Capital Limited (Volcap FX) truly believe that trust and risk should  be  a shared good.

When you grant us your trust to act in your behalf the knowledge that you work on a no cure no pay system creates a greater mutual understanding which in turn leads to trust and long lasting relationships.